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Impact Garage Doors

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For many homes, garage doors are a convenient necessity. Whether your garage houses your car or boxes of holiday decorations, a sturdy garage door keeps everything in your garage safe from the elements and intruders.
However, if you live in high-wind or hurricane-prone regions such as South Florida, a standard garage door can quickly become a liability. In high winds, unreinforced garage doors can be torn away, threatening the integrity of your home and leading to a host of more severe damages.

Fortunately, hurricane rated garage doors are an efficient and effective solution. Specially designed to withstand severe storms, hurricane rated garage doors can keep your house safe, even during a hurricane. In this guide, we will explain the details about reinforced garage doors, along with stylish and functional options for your home.

All Weather Protective Systems, and Garage Door Sales have supplied quality residential garage doors to South Florida for over 25 years. We are proud to feature Clopay® as our garage door manufacturer of choice.

Partner with All Weather Protective Systems Garage Door Sales and enjoy your choice of a variety of collections of garage doors, each with its subset of design choices and finishes.

If you need a garage door replacement, read on to learn more about how All Weather Protective Systems Garage Door Sales can transform your Florida home. You’ll get a beautiful new garage door that combines rock-solid dependability with a charming aesthetic appearance.

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