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Impact Doors

Hurricanes cannot readily penetrate our ECO Guard products, even if it is hit by flying debris when ECO Guard is on duty. The glass itself may shatter, but the sturdy window laminant will hold the glass in place. Your windows and glass doors become invisible barricades, keeping the weather outside and you, your family and your property, safely protected inside. Choosing ECO Guard for protection during hurricanes, and severe weather is a smart decision.

When Mother Nature loses her temper, devastation and loss are sure to follow. Glass is always one of the first casualties during a hurricane. During violent weather when glass breaks, wind, rain and flying debris are given full access to your home, store or office-causing property damage and destruction. Further loss can be caused by vandals and looters who enter your premises once glass is broken and out of place. 

Storm winds can generate large quantities of airborne debris that ride the wind until stopped by a stationary object. If that object is an unprotected window, breakage can result. In addition to the potential injury to inhabits, the building’s interior can sustain severe wind and rain damage. ECO Guard can also offer protection from the Sun’s ultra-violet rays and reduce outside noise.

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