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Aluminum Storm Panels are rust-proof and offer an economical way of protecting your home or business. They are very light, easy to install and can be stored very compactly. Unlike plywood, they can be reused indefinitely.

As part of the installation, All Weather Protective Systems, Inc., offers a layout of the house with each opening number, to facilitate the installation of the panels.

Hurricane Panels

Homeowner installing shutters

Storm Panels

All Weather Protective Systems, Inc., Storm Panels are roll formed, designed to resist hurricane wind loads and have Miami-Dade Product Approval.

They are built from high strength aluminum alloy and tempers in order to provide the customer with the best hurricane panel on the market.

hurricane panels

All Weather Protective Systems, Inc., offers the alternative option of the 20-gauge galvanized steel and the Clear Lexon See-Through Panel. The aluminum, steel and clear panel can be installed as direct mount or using a tracking system. 

hurricane panels

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